Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some friends from Photographic Society of Brunei

so sorry guys...i know im kinda late to post this pic . catch up again some day

My lovely daughter Kaitlin Leong and wife Aderyn

She's now 4 months plus, already driving porsche hehe

This photo was taken about the same time as the one when Kaitlin wink at the camera. sweet...

I was thinking of giving my baby and wife a slight pinkish skin tone to give the doll alike look so i edited the image this way.
This was one of the most rewarding moment so I had to grab the shot and freeze it forever...i love both of them so much! muahz muahz

Interhouse Canon product launching 2007

checking out the 1DS

Jason Ong with Ixus

Mr. Wong, GM of Interhouse

vincent of assistant general manager of interhouse

The lovely couple hehe

oOpps! back focus... but great model so its alright! -hehe-

that's what happen if a girl walks around with a 1DS MK iii... she gets all the attention!

announcing canon's new product line

Jason Ong... Click, Click

Jan Shim posing with 1DS...