Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Canon 580 EX Mark II Speedlite

I 've managed to try the canon 580EX Mark II speedlite during His Majesty's birthday celebration and I found that the exposure to be much more accurate then the old 580EX. According to Vincent of Interhouse, each exposure is being determine and fired off at an average rate rather then the old style 100% power then 30% power then it blackout, underexpose, underexpose and so on... Recycling time seem to be more consistant the previous model due to consistant average power output of each fire therefore it seemed like it was firing faster (but not). I rate this accessory 9.5/10 points - MUST GET!

Although this only really seem more obvious for its ourstanding performance during flash being straight-on. For bounce flash user, I believe the pro-canon user will not have much of a problem even on a 550ex. I doubt it'll have much effect for those who use LS2