Sunday, July 22, 2007

roasted prawn or lobster?

it was a hectic week but i've managed to cover all 4 districts ... now friends said i looked like roasted prawn cos im all red! today was the final event. i was told by Anwar i could get sunburns after completing all the events but luckily i didn't. does it mean that i have thick skins? hoho maybe i've got elephant skins (bullet proof skins)! The 2nd last event was at KB and Liza accompanied us like a tour guide. Thanks to liza for the roti canai at wywy and all the short cuts which you bring me and tika thru. seriously, i can't remember any of the path you brought me if you ask me to use those roads again :O Liza asked me if KB could win this year's event. i told her i thought Tutong would win. The thing about KB is that the venue was not really as good. If i were to compare KB and Tutong i would say tutong wins. I think the pictures which was publish can actually tell. For BSB and tutong I say Tutong win as well. Of cos for the pushing and shoving, BSB is placed top. It was seriously over crowded.

i love aircraft so much. this are some interesting streams from u-tube

Military aircraft video captured 1

Military aircraft video captured 1

UK pilot

Airshow crash

Must see part-1

Must see part-2

KTVK The Phoenix Lights X