Thursday, July 5, 2007

On duty

This was some of my assignments and happenings for today;

1.30am - baby cried, feed milk
3.45am - baby cried, change diaper
6.15am - baby cried, feed milk
6.45am - 9am - watch tv and look after baby at the same time, somewhere in between also feed milk
9+am - buy breakfast
11am - go bank make payment
2pm - go shopping alone to buy things for baby and wife
4pm - go home to have a look at baby
8pm - look after baby till she sleep

thats what i've been doing today.
That is usually what i have been doing lately too.
Are you ready to be a father? ;o
Even tough its exhausting but the happiness seem to offset the tiredness when I look at the baby. It's all good and I believe Reeda, Janshim and the rest of the father knows how it feels... Everything will change but its all good.