Saturday, April 28, 2007

not-so-real Sandisk compact flash cards in brunei market

yesterday when i was at the mall to buy something to eat i took a walk around the exhibition fair which was quite happening at that time. i spent a little time to visit one of this booth where i saw a lot of storage media which was on display with bright & colourful price tag stating the original & discounted price for each item. I was very curious when i saw the 3 different size Sandisk 'ULTRA II' compact flash cards which was extremely low price and I really mean EXTREMELY LOW! its only $99 for 4GB!! i got mine for B$200 plus each. i asked the salesman if this was real sandisk cards and he seem like he didnt understand so i asked nicely again 'are this original'? he replied yes. r u sure? i ask again ...yeah this are from china...i said 'your price is VERY CHEAP...?' so i pull out my sandisk 4GB ultra II cards from my pocket (surprised him) and asked him if he could open one of his Sandisk 4GB ultra II from the box for me to compare mine and the one he was selling and so he did. i compared his and mine...i started looking at both closely. They are almost identical. There's no way you can tell if u didnt have another one in your hand. I noticed the first difference was in the weight of the card. The one i have weighs a tiny bit more heavier then the one he was selling. both cards was printed with serial number and 'made in china' but the one he has has a weird running number printed..again, if u didnt have one in your hand u wouldnt notice...
I told him his one was lighter then mine then he asked me where i got mine from. I replied back to him 's'pore' and he went 'ohhh....' i said 'ya...ohhhh?' 'yours must be better' he said and i just smiled back..i told him if he dont mine could i bring my camera to test on his card and if i think its okay then i will buy it from him he said sure. So i got my camera and burst fire - 15 frames with my card. took me about 20-30 seconds to get everything into the card from the buffer. i repeated another time on my card just to make sure again and again it took around 30 sec. Now i took his and loaded into my camera and fired 15 frame straight (no adjustment watsoever on camera) and took around 1 minute 30 sec to finish transfer from the buffer. I repeated again and it was the same then i told him its not okay...

If you were going to buy a sandisk ultra II card i suppose you buy it for the transfer speed of the card. if not, you might as well buy a cheap kingston or a normal sandisk card which has a speed of 20-40x which may cost you cheaper. the only thing i didnt test was that if it'll have corrupted images if you burst fire too much (heating up the chipset). I didnt have much time to test at that time so if you were going to buy it, make sure you know what you're buying.

Friday, April 20, 2007



superman? yeahhhh right - i guess korean jokes dont work on pahang-ians =O

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cute little boy

i couldnt help noticing this adorable little boy running around the beach naked playing with everything he see. haha his father was chasing after him - the other side of brunei

yacht competion

getting onto the boat after completing the race...

boat ride to view the race

4 yachts competing to get in front

more press frens@work

most wanted... BIG reward if found...

this is part of the movie called Armageddon. Sayangnya no music in the background or else it'll be perfect! Anyway this are RTB frens at work. Far left my good-old friend Aziz. nice to bump into u again heeh

Saturday, April 7, 2007

pix of press friends@work

yus shooting me so i shoot him =) no one was killed in the scene... infact i think he kinda enjoyed it LOL!

media appreciation pix

me at the far left behind haha...i know!!! can hardly see us

shahrezan (dpmm fc) says opps... i did it again.... (combo image)

dpmm fc score 2-0. i think he is one of the player that really amaze me. i can say he's really fast especially watching him live at the stadium. According to Hasrol from MP he's like the hitman of DPMM fc. I think so too. I bet everyone's eye is on him huh